What You Need to Know About Forest Microbes

What You Need to Know About Forest Microbes

Research shows that 100 million people in the United States lack access to a park, while 70% of low-income communities reside in "nature-deprived" areas. Meanwhile, biodiversity has declined in recent years, with pollution, climate change, and land use changes reducing the variety of living things on the planet. Biodiversity loss and a lack of access to nature can negatively affect the skin's natural barrier function, causing acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other conditions in adults and children. 

Forest Riot has created a line of skincare of  high-quality and certified skincare products which include the Re-connecting nature forest extract which replicates the riches of the Finnish forests. 

The Problem

Biodiversity in the natural world increases the number of micro-organisms that live on the skin. Sunlight, humidity, soil and vegetation, and spending time in nature can boost the immune system and restore the skin microbiome. 

Biodiversity loss in urbanized environments, however, limits exposure to microbiota and increases pathogenic bacteria on the skin, resulting in immune-mediated diseases.

The Solution

For many people living in city environments, access to nature just isn't possible. That's why Forest Riot skincare line consists of Re-connecting microbial extract  which can nourish the skin and promote well-being for urbanized populations. The company understands how the skin microbiome impacts the immune system and has developed products that transform skincare in the modern age. 

What Are Forest Microbes?

Forest microbes or microbiomes are microorganisms responsible for forest ecosystems. Bacteria, fungi, and archaea inhabit foliage, tree wood, tree roots, and ground vegetation in forest habitats, making them a vital component of natural environments. Scientists have studied forest microbiomes and their effect on the body for years. For example, research shows that soil and plant-based materials increase gut microbial diversity and could treat and prevent immune-mediated diseases. 

These microbes might have anti-inflammatory properties that can protect the skin barrier and reduce skin bacteria. 

Microbiomes in forest environments can restore the skin microbiome and improve skin function. The skin itself is a fascinating and diverse ecosystem that responds well to forest microbiomes. Exposing skin to various microbial and nourishing ingredients can encourage it to repair and care for itself. 

Forest Riot is a brand that recognizes the growing need for globally conscious skincare. Consumers deserve high-quality natural ingredients that support the barrier of the skin and promote real, clean beauty. 

Being ethical and ecological is not just a trend to Forest Riot but its primary mission statement. The company uses premium, cruelty-free, vegan, and carefully sourced ingredients that provide consumers with ongoing value. Forest Riot also provides micro-plastic-free packaging, which is circular by design. 

"Striving for sustainable solutions in everything, we are continually finding ways of giving back to future generations and our planet," says Forest Riot. 

Forest Riot's mission is to change skincare from a beauty movement to a deeper holistic well-being practice. 

What Is  Re-connecting Nature™ Microbial Extract?

The Re-connecting Nature™ microbial extract, developed by Uute Scientific, is at the heart of Forest Riot's products. Scientifically proven to stimulate the microbiome when applied to the skin, it's the world's first ingredient to include the unique microbiome-restoring properties of nature. 

Re-connecting Nature™ is scientifically proven to support the immune system and improves skin health and appearance by reducing redness and irritation, increasing collagen levels, enhancing barrier function, and encouraging skin regeneration and repair. 

Why Choose Forest Riot?

Forest Riot's products are your first and best choice for hydrating and nurturing skincare products. The company targets people who live in urbanized areas and crave natural and ethical skincare products. Every ingredient in Forest Riot's range is ethically sourced and beneficial for skincare lovers. 

Final Word

Lack of nature access and biodiversity loss impact the skin's natural barrier function, resulting in various skin conditions. Forest Riot skincare consists of Re-connecting Nature microbial extract which is scientifically proven to replicate the riches of the Finnish forests. We bring the forest for everyone.

Learn more about Forest Riot skincare and check out the company's range of products here.