Why Infants can Benefit from Forest Microbes?

Why Infants can Benefit from Forest Microbes?

As a parent, there’s nothing more important than caring for your baby’s needs, including their skin. Baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner than adults meaning it loses moisture twice as fast and can become dry, sensitive and irritated quickly. Their immune systems are also at their most vulnerable during this time. This is why, when searching for baby skincare products, you want to find items that cater for this and will be the best for your little one.

The first 2–3 years play a vital role in the development of the immune system. It’s when the body learns to identify which microbes get to settle permanently in the body. Ensuring a child comes in enough contact with a diverse range of microbes is extremely important. Microbes found in forest soil and livestock farms play a significant role, as they cause enough “stimulus” to strengthen the immune system. Through the skin, these microbes effectively put the immune system through its paces, offering protection from allergies and autoimmune diseases. More and more people live in cities with less contact with nature. This means immune systems are no longer exposed to this beneficial bacteria which keeps us healthy.

What are forest microbes?

Forest microbes are a biological community of organisms usually found in forest areas of unspoilt nature. They’re a complex network of microorganisms that contribute to healthy ecosystems but can also be used for skin care.

Why use Forest BABY Face & Body Cream?

With a combination of extensive research and a passion for providing what’s best for your baby, Forest Riot cream is the ideal choice for your little one. Here’s why: It’s perfect for sensitive skin Forest BABY Face& Body Cream contains only carefully studied and selected soothing ingredients suitable for the sensitive skin of a small child.  Forest Riot BABY products are designed to nurture and hydrate a child’s skin through The Re-connecting Nature™  microbial extract, which is scientifically proven to replicate the riches of the Finnish forests, when applied on skin.

How to use:

Apply the Forest Microbe Baby Cream on the child’s dry skin areas.